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At Night Magic Entertainment we believe that a professional DJ makes a big difference at your reception. It is our job to provide entertainment for your guests, make sure your event runs smoothly, and plays music that you and your guests enjoy. Our goal is to provide the evening of your dreams so you can enjoy your time without feeling stress or worrying about your guests. This is why we expect so much out of our DJs. They are all trained to bring an interactive and professional experience throughout your evening. We are pleased to offer the previously listed services and equipment for all of our couples.

Our reception planner is six pages long, not a brief email. We use the planner because our consultation is more than a time for us to collect your music. It is setup to help you envision your music layout for the evening, and how a wedding reception is run. A common statement from our brides and grooms is how thorough our planner is and that they didn't think of several of the questions we cover. 

Since we have multiple DJs who work with our company we also use a DJ scale to best determine which DJ will fit with the energy level you want for your evening. You can either request a particular DJ for your event or we will select one based on the DJ scale level you select for your reception. All of our DJs are trained to provide general coordination and management throughout the evening. Also, each DJ is a little different and has their own way of providing fun and exciting skills for your event. Please take a minute to get to know our DJs under the About Us tab.

A wedding ceremony is never just a small part of your event to us. This is why we created a specific two page planner just for your ceremony. Our planner allows you to outline your music, the parts of your ceremony, and the general tone. We are there for you to help coordinate entrances for your wedding party through music, the day of your ceremony. We also have a completely wireless speaker and microphone system for our couples who do not have electricity at the ceremony location because deserve music and a microphone at your ceremony.

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