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Wedding Coordination

Night Magic offers two Coordination packages

Day of Coordination and Month of Coordination.


Day of Coordination has become a must for many brides in the last few years. Couples are busier than ever and they don't want to assign family to coordinate their wedding. What makes one day of coordinator better than another? The answer is simple, what services are they offering. As a certified wedding planner, I learned that it is more than knowing the hows for coordination, it is the whys. The whys determine the way that we setup our coordination package and services.


Our company offers a complete package for day of coordination (silver package) and month of coordination (gold package.) We start with a consultation, you might call it a "getting to know you" meeting. During this consultation we go through our nine page planner where we cover the details of your event. I also just talk with you about what you have planned and your vision. 


For Day of coordination I provide 3-5 decoration assistance the day of your wedding, follow your provided timeline, I will help lead your decoration the day of your wedding. My assistant and I will provide coordination for both your ceremony and your reception. 

For Month of coordination I put together a timeline based on our conversation and the conversations I have with your vendors prior to the day of your wedding. I also visit your venue prior to your event to meet the owners, and draw up a mock layout for your ceremony and reception. 

The day of your rehearsal my assistant and I will be onsite between 3-5 hours to help with decoration and we will also run your rehearsal. The day of your wedding we are onsite 10-12 hours to help lead decoration, stand in as your point of contact and help vendors get settled. I also will run your ceremony, make sure your reception runs smoothly from keeping with the finalized timeline, to releasing tables, and of course helping with any needs of the married couple throughout the night.

Our primary goal is to make your day less stressful so you can enjoy your dream wedding and make memories that last a lifetime.

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