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Selecting your DJ

written by Jacqueline Gaines

July 1, 2021

Updated November 13, 2021


There are a lot of DJs in each city. It can become overwhelming to hire one, especially if you have never needed a DJ before. Some people hire based on referrals others have a family member or friend who is a DJ. With the plethora of selection out there, who should you hire and what do you need to look for in a DJ?


I have been in the industry for five years and during that time I have contracted about 350 events. I am also married to a DJ with over 27 years of experience. I have listed a few suggestions to help you navigate the process of selecting a DJ. 

  • If you are looking for DJs on the internet you should pay attention to their marketing. Does your DJ have a website and other platforms where they are advertising? Do they have a professional website with detailed information?

  • Pay attention to their reviews. If not all of their reviews are positive how do they react to negative reviews? You should always look for a DJ who is seeking to improve their services and not argumentative with their customers. 


  • Is your DJ upfront about their prices? Some DJs provide packages others provide an hourly rate. Make sure you ask if the DJ charges for extra services such as extra equipment, travel, and/or set-up time? Before you book your DJ you should get an exact quote for all the services you will require for your event.

  • Always ask how long will it take them to set-up and tear down? How much space will they require for their set-up? Will they charge you for this time? Also, if your event is outside do they supply a tent? Do they have a generator or wireless equipment if the event is held in a location without electricity? 

  • Get detailed information about payments. What is the retainer, is it refundable and when is it due? The contract should include all payment information from the retainer to the balance. It should include which forms of payment the DJ can accept. 


  • When booking a DJ  you should also ask how they will collect song information? A lot of DJs will send you an email with a list of songs for the evening. Your DJ should ask what kind of dance music you want played throughout the event? A good DJ will not limit you to their music library and show a willingness to find all the music they need for your event. 


  • If you are still unsure about your DJ selection take some time to get more feedback from other vendors. Although the local event community is not all encompassing; we tend to know each other, especially through bridal shows and previous events. 

  • DJ selection is choosing a DJ company that makes you feel secure in your decision. As a DJ company owner I completely understand that there are clients who are not interested in the services my company provides.  The whole point of having so many DJs in a community is so you can find the company that best fits your needs as a customer. 

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